So after I managed to break my HTC magic, I purchased another one from Ebay. After a month it started playing up, it was at this point I realised why it had seemed to be such a bargain. Friday “preveing” I decided to give HTC a call, it turned out they’ll cover it under warranty. Great it’ll save me additional cost of getting it repaired, I’ll just have to pay the shipping to their repair centre. It got even better, I don’t even have to pay that. Within 10 minutes on the phone I’d explained the problem, they’d told me it was under warranty and they’d have to have a look at it, and they’d collect it and return it back to me.

It was collected from work this morning via UPS and is currently working it’s way through the network to their repair centre. Unless something goes seriously wrong this has got to be one of the best examples of customer service I’ve seen from a manufacturer.

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